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  3. floewering:

    my little flower prince

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Mountain Lion Portrait by Charles Glatzer/Shooting The Lights

I’m pretty. Please make a note of it.
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    Ginger Animal of the Week

    Caracal / Desert Lynx (Caracal caracal)

    Photos  |   [1] Caracal by Sandra Metzbauer  |  [2] by Annafur  |  [3]  Tiny little kitten by Andreas Jansrud

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    Cats in piles

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    IT SUDDENLY GOT REALLY DARK IN HERE LIKE as if someone stood in front of our brightest lamp and it freaked me out so bad cause i thought “GHOSTS??? DEMONS?????” and i turned around and all i saw was



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From imgfave.com
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Votive relief, Egyptian, 305-30 B.C.Museum of Fine Arts Boston


    Votive relief, Egyptian, 305-30 B.C.
    Museum of Fine Arts Boston

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I thought the shopping bags were a bit heavy


    I thought the shopping bags were a bit heavy